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I wasn't sure what to expect with this experience, but I don't think I have ever been so relaxed in my life. After the session was over I felt so calm and my body felt so alive. Kim is amazing. She is so fun and easy to be around. You will feel comfortable and safe with her. I highly recommend this!

-Beth U.

If you are wanting a relaxing healing experience, try this innovative approach. It was a feeling of letting go and trust that made me connect with being and feeling the real me. The floating movement just sort of flushes your being almost as washing away anything that doesn't belong. Kim is an amazing soul that guides you in the most loving manner to make this a unique healing experience.

-Leticia T.

WRT Water Release Therapy ®


WRT Water Release Therapy®

WRT Water Release Therapy® is an aquatic bodywork session, received in a warm pool. Watsu®
being the origin of this unique experience, the difference being the client is given the option to go below the surface of the water and above. The profound feeling of freedom and delight is one of a kind and most beneficial to those experiencing extreme stress, trauma, grief and physical pain. Water is beautiful place to heal and remember your joy.

This aquatic bodywork that allows the person to release trauma and find joy in 98 degree warm water. This therapy made a huge difference in my addiction recovery, and helped me find my personal relationship with my higher power!

I knew I could share this powerful therapy with others, and became certified myself.

I plan to offer this therapy to those who join me on my tropical recovery retreats 💙

Warm Water Spa Menu

WRT Water Release Therapy®

(above and below water)

60 Minute Session: $200

90 Minute Session: $250

Watsu® Therapy

60 Minute Session: $175

90 Minute Session: $225

Want to come with a friend?

Couples water work with two therapists allows you to share this individual awakening with another close by.

Evenings & Weekends times

available upon special request.

Weekly Float Class


Thursdays 5pm

$30 per person

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Warm water wishes,

Kim 💙


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